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Rubber Injection Molding Machine

100TON Rubber Injection Molding Machine

型号/Model RH 100TON-FTMO-2RT-1 射出机类型/Type Horizontal kind/ 卧式射出机 出力/Clamping force 100Ton 主缸最大行程/Piston Max.Stroke 380mm 台面/Heating plate size 400mm×400mm 缸径/Diameter of cylinder Ø250mm 最大射出量/Max.Injection volume 1000cc 最大射出压力/Max. Injection pressure 2000 kgs/cm2 最大射出率/Max.injection rate 45CC/s 马力/Horse power 15HP 开模形式/Type of mold opening 2RT 单轴电热/Single shaft thermal electricity 10KW 总电力/Total power 21KW 毛重/Gross weight about 5 Ton 及台尺寸/Machine size about 2.96m×1.73m×2.3m